Kokayi & Traci Braxton - Moonlight

For Your Consideration 60th Grammy Awards


Best Rap Song
Best Arrangement Instruments and Vocals


- Mister G, Grammy Winning Artist

"Awesome production and powerful message! Vocals are on point! Congratulations Linda!"

- DSYMusic

"wow wow wowwwww!!! I heart this song! I love songs that really do have a meaningful story line that touches the heart. I'm a sucker for perfect vocal arrangements down to the background vocals and this is beyond on point! Kokayi delivers an outstanding rap vocal that evokes the emotions this needs. 10 stars!!!!"


"A classic urban, RnB hit complimented with edgy rap and hip-hop influences. This fantastically produced collaborative piece is highlighted by the smoothest of melodic lines, top-notch instrumentation and distinct, crisply executed vocals. Co-produced by Linda Nelson, Olayimika Cole and Danny Flam, the varied influences here are the perfect backdrop to the delectable melody, in what can only be described as RnB balladry at its finest!"

- Wouter Kellerman, Grammy Winning Artist

"Just listened to Moonlight! It gave me goose bumps... So heartfelt and emotionally driving. I felt the rain coming down on my soul." Keep your promises..." The heavenly gospel choir building.... and building.... against the hard edges of rap... Wow! Really got me!"

- Dorie Pride